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06/05/27(Sat)11:19:15 Yoichi <>
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06/05/27(Sat)08:48:47 Bob
No.104: No-Title


Are We being, Spammed?

06/05/01(Mon)22:09:19 moss <>
No.103: Studio Scenes

please check.

moss land

06/04/18(Tue)19:17:02 marcel g舐tner
No.102: new lester young discovered!

here is it:

keep boppinエ

06/04/10(Mon)23:00:12 Yoichi <>
No.101: Re: new lester young discovered!

Hi Marcel,
I only know unissued 1942 Lesters session below. Is new acetates an another discovery?

Lester and Lee Young's Band
6 May, 1942 Trouville Club
1 June, 1942 Trouville Club
Sep or Oct 1942 Cafe Society

06/04/07(Fri)22:31:43 marcel g舐tner
No.100: new lester young discovered!

hello all,
i found on the dutch online jazzmagazin in februrary a short report, that larry applebaum found in the archives of the library of congress in washington, d.c. unknown acetates of a jam session from 1942 with lester young. he reported this via wbgo-radio. applebaum found last year the monk/coltrane carnegie hall tapes from 1957. has anybody more informations about that new find? Is this jam session aircheck from 1942 known to collectors? personal, titles, date and circumstances? no plans in the moment to issue the new find・

thanks in advance

keep boppinエ

06/04/01(Sat)13:47:58 brian
No.99: 78s for sale


i have some Bird 78s for sale. anyone interested? let me know what you want.


06/03/12(Sun)11:11:26 Yoichi <>
No.98: BBC Radio 'Jazz Legends'

"Julian Joseph in conversation with Brian Priestley, commemorating the anniversary of Charlie Parker's death, on March 12, 1955."

06/03/12(Sun)11:07:38 Yoichi <>
No.97: Anthony Welch's Artwork

You can see a portrait of Bird painted by Anthony Welch in "BIRD'S NEST".
Thank you Anthony !!

06/03/08(Wed)21:59:18 Yoichi <>
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Please use [] again.
Thank you.

06/03/03(Fri)06:28:59 Brian Granville
No.95: Charlie Parker collector

Hi, I am a Charlie Parker collector and would like to get in touch with other Parker fans. Thanks, Brian

06/01/12(Thr)12:17:25 Yoichi <>
No.94: Yardbird

Hi Paige,

You should visit the above URL.

06/01/12(Thr)09:13:37 Paige Clayton
No.93: questions

i'm doing a reasearch paper, and i would like to know why charlie was called the "yardbird" any comments?

06/01/11(Wed)22:34:31 Yoichi <>
No.92: Bird's documentary on BBC

The documentary of Charlie Parker will broadcast on BBC.
All Bird lovers!
Don't miss it!

> Hi Yoichi,
> `The Charlie Parker Story' will broadcast on BBC FOUR at 9pm on Friday
> January 20th 2006, followed at 2200 by the Clint Eastwood film `Bird'.
> Hope you might be able to mention the broadcast on your site.
> Many thanks,
> Best wishes.
> Tony

05/12/24(Sat)21:20:53 marcel g舐tner
No.91: bird and cootie williams

hello yiochi,
in the meantime iエve learned that charlie parker is not soloing in that session of februar, 5, 1945.

keep boppinエ and merry christmas to all.


05/12/24(Sat)14:19:42 Yoichi <>
No.90: To Marcel and Norman

Hi Marcel,

I don't Know about that items.
If it's exist, it must be valuable source following 1945 Town Hall session.
1945 bird seems to be peculiar sound through his life.

Does anyone tell us any more information ?


Hi Norman,

I'm glad to have met you in Akasaka Prince Hotel!
Your collections and your passion about Bird overpowered me.
Come to Japan again!

05/11/15(Tue)22:40:19 Norman Saks
No.89: Visit to Tokyo

Hi Yoichi,
It was nice to meet with you when i visited Tokyo.


05/11/15(Tue)07:49:04 marcel g舐tner
No.88: charlie parker with cootie williams

someone knows where i can find this item?

53089. One Night Stand. February 5, 1945. Program #526. AFRS. A band remote
from the Savoy Ballroom, New York City. The first tune is, "The Rhythm Is
Jumping." Charlie Parker was in the sextette at this time, but is not
mentioned in the credits. Cootie Williams and His Orchestra, Lem Johnson
(vocal), Sam Taylor (tenor sax), Charlie Parker (? alto), Al Jarvis (piano),
Carl Pruitt (bass), Les Payne (drums). 29:56. Audio condition: Very good to
excellent. Complete.

this is mentioned in no(!) charlie parker discography, so maybe heエs not on
can somebody help?

keep boppinエ

05/08/24(Wed)23:13:52 Yoichi <>
No.87: Bird Radio show

You can listen to BBC Radio show "Birdsong: The Charlie Parker Story"

Click "Listen Live" and select the program.

Mr. Llew Walker gave me this information.

05/08/24(Wed)08:06:12 Bob
No.86: Parker/Town Hall 45

Yoichi, very neatly capsulised the N.Y.T. article but the best thing to do is BUY THE DISC! You can't go wrong. The liner notes provided with the disc are exquisite! If you buy the the disc, you'll get all the information about the recording, the find, and "thensome"! In the U.S., we have a cooking show called "Emeril Live". Emeril, has musical guests on his show, and will usually tell us (the veiwers) to buy fifty or sixty copies of the C.D., to pass around to friends. It's good advice for the "Town Hall Release". As I said, this recording is STUNNING!

Bird Lives!

05/08/23(Tue)22:00:57 Yoichi <>
No.85: RE: Town Hall Concert 1945

This is an extract from The New York Times, Sunday, July 31,2005.

"...the most stunning jazz discovery in a decade - the Rosetta Stone of bebop -..."

"...the trove consisted of seven 12-inch acetate discs, on which was recorded a 40-minutes concert
by Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker at Town Hall in New York on June 22, 1945."

"At the Town Hall concert, the musicians were free to play the tunes - "Bebop," "Groovin' High,"
"Hot House," "A Night in Tunisia" and "Salt Peanuts," a furious tempo.
Solos went on for two minutes or more, and they're blazing - Diz scaling heights on trumpet,
Bird hitting speeds on alto sax, that no one had heard before..."

"...a Saturday morning in the fall of 2000, when Dr.Sunenblick [the owner of Uptown Records] ... drove to
a record show at the Elks Lodge in nearly Chelmsford. He struck up a conversasion with a "picker" a special
breed of collector who tracks down extremely rare records and sells them quickly for cash only.
A few weeks later, the picker, who lived in Milton, Mass., called him, said he'd found a very unusual acetate,
and offered to play it over the phone.
... The disk was the collector's dream, a trasure-map fragment of a secret history.
The picker, who to this day insists on anonymity, told him he'd found the acetate at an antique store
just outside Stamford, Conn. Dr. Sunenblick, who figured it had to be the first of a multidisc set,
begged him to go back to the store and look for the others. He found six more. They turned out to
contain the rest of the concert."

"Parker and Gillespie also played at Town Hall a month earlier, on May 16, 1945.
... Are there acetates, too? "

05/08/20(Sat)01:10:23 Yoichi <>
No.84: ,,,,,commas,,,,,,,,

CGI program of this message board didn't allow to use commas.
I've improved this program. Now, you can use commas(,)!

If you have any problem, please let me know.


05/08/20(Sat)00:54:35 Yoichi <>
No.83: Town Hall Concert 1945

Bob, Thank you for New Bird release information !

I listened to it. This is a miracle! Bird flying high!

I cannot show the article in NY Times wholly on my site.
But I'll note the summary of it later.

05/08/18(Thr)09:09:44 Bob
No.82: Howcum?

How is it that this site dosen't show commas?

05/08/18(Thr)09:06:08 Bob
No.81: Sorry Folks

The Times won't let you see the article unless you "deal out dollars". If you're anxious to read it. it was pubblished on July 31. 2005. click the archives button while you're in the Music Page on the site. Type in "Bird Lives! The Birth of Bebop. Captured on Disc".

Oh Well.

05/08/18(Thr)08:42:00 Bob
No.80: New Bird Release

The New York Times ran an article on a Bird & Diz concert that played at Town Hall. N.Y.C.. on June 22. 1945. The concert was captured on acetates. by twin disc cutters. operated by someone who knew what he was doing. If you are reading this; go to or whoever you buy C.D.s from. and grab it! Now! It's stunning!

Pertinent Information:

Title: Dizzy Gillespie - Charlie Parker
Town Hall. New York City. June 22. 1945

Label: Uptown Records

C.D.#: UPCD 27.51

UPC #: 026198275129

I'll see if I can grab a link to the article. and give it to Yoichi. I'd give you more information on the C.D.. but you should BUY IT! The liner notes are GOOD. as are the photos. This C.D. is everything the Times article said.

Bird Lives!

05/07/13(Wed)18:15:18 marcel g舐tner
No.79: clifford brown

hi nick.

yeah. the new philology website is a little bit strange. the easiest way is to write directly to mr. paolo piangiarelli at and ask him. he will answer your questions quickly with a list of the 26 volumes (i think) of brownieエs eyes.

good luck.

btw still missing the only recording of bird and brownie together (still unissued in the possesion of larue brown watson) when will it come to light?????

keep boppinエ

05/07/13(Wed)06:36:16 Nick
No.78: clifford brown

I realize that this website is for charlie parker lovers. but I am also a fan of clifford bwon and was trying to find the "brownie's eyes" series from Philology records. Someone here already mentioned Philology's website. but when i went there they didn't mention this series. Could some help me?
Thanks. Nick

Bird Lives!

05/06/21(Tue)12:55:18 phil
No.77: bird's grave

Took these pics today 6/20/05. thought a bird lover would like to see them. Feel free to use them any way you want.

phil in k.c.






05/05/26(Thr)19:23:03 Llew Walker <>
No.76: Parker's early years

Hi there.

Does anyone have any information regarding Charlie's teenage years. I am writing an article for my website concerning these years and am having trouble getting accurate dates for key events in his life. i.e. the Ozark trip(s). or when he first took up the alto seriously. or when he first went to Chicago/NY If anyone has anything that can confirm dates. etc. please. please contact me!



PS Regarding Raschka's book: I think it might be the language of be-bop. I've got a book at home that might help. I'll check it out and get back..... (Have you seen Mysterious Thelonius by the same author??)

05/05/17(Tue)21:48:11 marcel g舐tner
No.75: a new charlie parker web site

hello bird lovers.

iエve found a wonderful new web site about the bird at

itエs wonderful!

keep boppinエ

05/05/02(Mon)12:02:15 kevin frias
No.74: im a musician too im 12 years old

hi charlie parker. my name is kevin and i play in the school band. And i love jazz. i actually played some of your music. For linconl center im going to play "Now's The Time" and "Blue bossa" by kenny Dorham.

please get back to me. bye!

05/04/17(Sun)00:29:04 Yoichi <>
No.73: No-Title

Hi Liz.

I couldn't find any relation between Charlie Parker and chickadee. and overshoes.
However. intonations on saying those words may express rhythmically syncopated Charlie Parker's be bop sounds.
And. I interpreted the lonely cat that the bird (Charlie Parker) flies
freely and swiftly. so the cat couldn't go after him.
I've carried this topic on Japanese BBS. I'll let you know. founding other opinions.


Hi brian.

You had valuable experience. I long to visit KC !
What have you talked about with art jackson and the fellow who made plastic alto ?

05/04/15(Fri)08:49:59 brian granville
No.72: No-Title

forgot to add this. i was put in touch with the fellow who made bird plastic alto. and we had a nice chat on the phone about bird.

05/04/15(Fri)08:37:24 brian granville
No.71: march 12. 2005

Just wanted to share this with bird fans. my wife and i were in kansas city on the 50th anniversary of bird's passing. we went to the american jazz museum and negro baseball museum on friday. we also went to birds school - lincoln high. the next day we bought some flowers and laid them on bird's grave. there was noone there. and all we could hear was the birds singing - very appropriate. that night we went to a restaurant called plaza 3. and saw the scamps. a kansas city fixture for many years. one of the guys. art jackson. played with bird in the school marching band. and i had a few words with him.

norman. if you want to sell thos espare bird eps. let me know - we have met if you remember.

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