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09/11/03(Tue)19:40:42 Big D
No.140: No-Title

Hi all
I`m looking for a link to an actual copy of Birds telegram to Chan on hearing of their daughters death. I hope someone can direct me, as I think this is some of the most beautiful text ever written.

09/07/05(Sun)10:26:14 Yoichi <>
No.139: Re: 100 bird quotes

Thank you! This is all due to tips from Bird fans all over the world.

09/07/05(Sun)06:20:56 marcel
No.138: 100 bird quotes

congratulations, yoichi, you reached the number 100 in your bird quotes site! what a great work!
i´m sure that there is more.

keep boppin´

09/05/08(Fri)23:23:58 Yoichi <>
No.137: Re: Norman Saks' Book

Yes! This is wonderful book.
Reading it, I can just see NY at that time Bird was living.
You can purchase is from this URL.

09/05/04(Mon)08:43:35 Crawford
No.136: Norman Saks' Book

Hello Fellow Ornithologist,

This is my first post. Only wanted to mention at this time that Norm's book has been issued. It was on sale at the bookstore located at "Jazz At Lincoln Center" across from Dizzy's Place. My understanding; bookstore has closed its doors recently.

The good news is I have seen several copies listed on eBay, undoubtedly unsold stock from bookstore. So good hunting, for sure the book is worth owning. Norman Saks has one awesome Bird collection. Oh, forgot to mention all books are signed by Norman and Phil Schaap.

Bird/Pres/Lady Lives!!

08/09/30(Tue)00:53:03 LadyMeoww
No.135: Charlie's Saxaphone

I have seen an early picture of Charlie playing a very rare saxaphone. It is a Lyon & Healy low pitch alto. There is a serial number on the back of it. Does anyone know anything about the one that he played? or where I can find that information?

08/04/03(Thr)04:48:12 marcel
No.134: unissued clifford brown

an addition to message no.: 127:

part 2 is out now: with a sensationel feature for brownie in a six minute version of gigi gryceエs "gryce suite (a.k.a. brown skin)". sound is good for 1953 and the best of all known recordings of hamptonエs historic europe tour 1953. a must!!

keep boppinエ

07/12/12(Wed)23:24:00 Yoichi
No.133: Norman Saks's book

Norman said the book was delayed, and preparing for sale next year.
I'll tell you when I have more information.

07/12/02(Sun)10:24:18 becca
No.132: No-Title

You must make it clear how to purchase the book: where, what the exact title is, how to get it, that it is CURRENTLY FOR SALE

07/12/02(Sun)10:22:30 becca
No.131: No-Title

your information is woefully out of daate. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SITE. \Please tell that the book is NOW AVAILABLE and for SALE and how to purchase it at the gift shop!!!

07/09/24(Mon)10:26:26 Fred Parcells <>
No.130: Charlie Parker Tune Book

My transcriptions (87 Page PDF Book - 6MB)

07/08/29(Wed)19:25:13 ruth <>
No.129: question

why can`t find you in<a href=""></a>

07/08/21(Tue)01:24:39 moss
No.128: Improvisation: Charlie Parker

i found new (but old) dvd information.

Norman Granz Presents - Improvisation DVD (Extended Ver. 2007)
NTSC + Region 1, 2-Disc Set, 280 Minutes, Street Date Sep 04, 2007

PAL + ALL Region

Tracks - Disc 1
Mili's Studio Sequence 1950
1. Opening Title 2. Ballade 3. Celebrity 4. Ad Lib 5. Pennies From Heaven 6. Blues For Greasy
Duke Ellington At The Cote D'Azur
7. Blues For Joan Miro
Count Basie At Montreux Jazz Festival 1977
8. Nob's Blues 9. Kidney Stew 10.These Foolish Things
Joe Pass 1979
11. Ain't Misbehavin' 12. Prelude To A Kiss
Ella Fitzgerald 1979
13. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 14. Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Oscar Peterson At Montreux Jazz Festival 1977
15. Ali & Frazier

Additional Release Material:
Bonus Features (Disc 1) - Portrait Of Norman Granz narrated by Nat Hentoff
Portraits By David Stone Martin
(Disc 2) - Extra Rushes
Interviews About The Mili Session
Interviews About Charlie Parker
Movie - The Original 1944 Film "JAMMIN' THE BLUES"
Text/Photo Galleries:
Photo Gallery -
1. Paul Nodler's Pictures Of The Mili Session

good luck,
moss land

07/08/17(Fri)06:29:59 marcel
No.127: clifford brown with lionel hampton 1953 (previously unreleased)

basel, switzerland, september 25, 1953: a new cd on the swiss дcb・label in itエs гwiss radio days jazz series・vol. 17, is out now. with this concert recording of lionel hampton and his orchestra from his european tour 1953 there are new recordings of clifford brown!! the sound quality is superb! it is a welcome in the rare recordings of this big band of 1953. (to my knowlegde there are only 7 other concert-recordings by hampton on this tour (and only 3 with clifford brown solos!) the r駱ertoire is part of well known hampton features (on vibes and piano) and exciting big band jump. there are solos by oscar estelle, baritone sax, anthony ortega, alto and clarinet, james cleveland, tb, the tenor saxes of clifford scott and clifford solomon and the trumpet section of walter williams, art farmer, benny bailey, clifford brown and quincy jones (he is also on piano because the original pianist george wallington was fired a few days earlier). there is more from this concert in basel on part 2 coming out in autumn this year.

keep boppinエ

07/08/06(Mon)06:58:38 Marcel G舐tner
No.126: what happened to the "birdエs legacy" site?

someone knows what happened to the wonderful "birdエs legacy" site at

thanks in advance!

keep boppinエ

07/05/11(Fri)07:29:17 zoran madzirov
No.125: fugato

I would be also interested if anyone knows is there any two-line (or more) melody or theme written by Bird. I thing he was preety much in to it, at least in his mind after the 1st,Paris Jazz Festiva 1949 and his plans to stady with Nadia Boulanger begining of the '50.
Thanx and Bird Lives
PS.great page

07/04/09(Mon)06:47:54 marcel g舐tner
No.124: new lester young

see message 115:

the instrumental part of the jatp lausanne concert 1953 with new and undocumented lester young is coming now out on the tcb label. look here:|id&param=April+2007&sort=r

keep boppinエ

07/04/01(Sun)01:07:28 Yoichi
No.123: RE: Mr Tsuji Bird

I attended the funeral of Mr Tsuji(the chairman of The Charlie Parker Society Of Japan).
He seemed cheerful in a picture of the late Mr tsuji having a mug.
His energetic activety was always encouraged me very much.
Let us pray for the repose of his soul.

07/03/31(Sat)19:11:23 Norman Saks
No.122: Mr Tsuji Bird

I was sad to hear of Mr Tsuji's passing,he was a wonderful person and i considered him friend.He will be missed by all and will always be in my memory.

Mr Tsuji Bird Lives !!!!!!!!!

07/01/22(Mon)08:10:15 svetla
No.121: Au privave

did someone know what Au Privave means?

07/01/18(Thr)19:49:14 marcel g舐tner
No.120: charlie parker reel-to-reel tapes on ebay

hello birdlovers,
the reel-to-reel tapes collection of robert bregman is now on ebay:
but it seems that there is no new bird on it. only first and second generation copies with better sound quality.

keep boppinエ

06/12/08(Fri)17:57:27 marcel g舐tner
No.118: jay mcshann has died

sad news: jay mcshann died yesterday in kansas city.

keep boppinエ

06/11/22(Wed)06:17:24 Norman Saks
No.117: Charlie Parker and Jazz Memorablia book

My book called "Charlie Parker and Jazz Memorabilia: The Norman R Saks Collection" will be ready for sale some time in march 2007.It will be 148 pages in full color in a limited editon of only 300 copies signed and numbered by myself in hard cover with a dust jacket.I will let you know the cost very soon.I will be selling it myself and when all 300 copies are sold i will not be reprinting it.

06/10/20(Fri)17:30:03 Danilo
No.116: Bird's two-line compositions

Which tunes composed by Bird have a written countermelody on the theme?

06/09/22(Fri)20:50:48 marcel g舐tner
No.115: new, undocumented lester young (again)

Hello all,

peter schmidlin from the дcb・label gives the information that in early 2007 it is planned to release the vol. 16 in the 都wiss radio days jazz series・ It includes the second part (the instrumental one) from the jatp concert in lausanne, march 14, 1953 with charlie shavers, willie smith, lester young and flip phillips. this concert is totally undocumented and unknown in the discographies. Sound quality is very good! So, we have another new prez discovery!!

Now, we are waiting for the release of the recently discovered lester young jam from 1940.

Keep boppinエ

06/09/17(Sun)17:09:35 moss
No.114: Blues Finale


I found interesting CD.
"Complete Miles Davis-Tadd Dameron Live in Paris 1949" released from JAZZFACTORY LABEL is right.
Of course, nine original music known well is included in this.
In addition to them, bonus track music is included.
There is Long Version "Blues Finale" of Charlie Paker in additional music.
Only Japanese LP is put on the market and this "Take" had not been got for a long time before.
Please find and get.

Bye, moss land.

06/09/15(Fri)22:16:34 marcel g舐tner
No.113: another new lester young recording


yesterday i listen to the new cd ・scar peterson/ella fitzgerald ・jatp, lausanne 1953. swiss radio days, vol. 15・on the 鍍cb・label. It has (part?) of the fitzgerald set, (part?) of the peterson set and unfortunately only one track (lester leaps in; 4:22) with lester young! He is in fine form and his solo is superb. The liner notes are short, uninteresting and generally held about ella and peterson. Including is a bad scanned photo of ella and ray brown. No background informations about this world premier recording! But the tone quality is very good! The personal for the lester young track is listing only charlie shavers on trumpet but you can hear more instruments. That must be willie smith and flip phillips. There is only one other document from this jatp tour in march 1953 from europe known to me from paris (03.03.1953 and in not so good sound). so Iエm sure there must be more of the jam set with them all together here in lausanne! I hope 鍍cb・brings out more of that concert. If you have a lot of ella fitzgerald and / or oscar peterson from that period, you donエt need this cd but as lester young fan you will be happy to have one more gem of the great prez.

Keep boppinエ

06/09/01(Fri)19:22:39 marcel g舐tner
No.112: another new lester young recording

There is a new cd on the 鍍cb・label 都wiss radio days・series. "jatp with ella fitzgerald and oscar peterson・BR>
Rare and previously un-issued performances recorded at a Jazz At The Philharmonic concert in Lausanne, Switzerland and broadcast on Swiss radio in 1953.

The concert is split in three groupings; Ella and Oscar with Ray Brown and J.C. Heard on the first seven tracks, then Lester Young performing his famous tune "Lester Leaps In" with Oscar and his rhythm section plus Charlie Shavers on trumpet. The remaining five tracks feature Oscar's famous trio with bassist Ray Brown and guitarist Barney Kessel.
Recorded: Theatre de Beaulieu, Lausanne, March 14, 1953.

this is as far as i know totally undocumented in the "lestorian notes" discography and also in the book "you just fight for your life". i found informations here:

now, we are waiting for the cd-issue of the recently found atcetates of the lester jam from 1940!

keep boppinエ

06/08/02(Wed)18:01:18 marcel g舐tner
No.111: birdエs eyes on ebay

i have nothing to do with that, only for information: hereエs the complete official birdエs eyes serie by philology on ebay:

keep boppinエ

06/06/27(Tue)19:29:23 marcel g舐tner
No.110: more bird in philadelphia

i forget two more (recorded)gigs in philadelphia:

june 5, 1945: academy of music (blue エnエ boogie)

june 1951: veterans administration hospital (cool blues, out of nowhere, this is always, nowエs the time, scapple from the apple)

keep boppinエ

06/06/27(Tue)18:48:37 marcel g舐tner
No.109: bird in philadelphia

hello randy,
according to ken vailエs bird diary there are the following dates for bird in philadelphia:

02.-06.dec.1947 quintet at the downbeat. (there is a photo with the jimmy heath band and john coltrane)

14.mai 1948 with jatp

end of sep.1948 quintet at ciroエs

09.jan.1950 at 421 club

09.oct - 17.oct.1950 with strings at club harlem

09.jan. - 14.jan.1951 at 421 club

mai 1951 meets clifford brown

04. nov. 1951 at reynolds hall

19. - 25. nov. 1951 showboat (photo)

21.oct.1952 metropolitan hall

24.apr. 1953 sending a message to chan from philadelphia

04.jan. - 10.jan.1954 blue note with brownie

12.apr.-17.apr.1954 blue note club

14.jun.-19.jun.1954 blue note not with brownie (he was in california at that time)

13.dec.-18.dec.1954 blue note

21.feb.-27.feb.1955 blue note

and according to brownieエs widow larue at a privat jam session at brownieエs home (tape exist!!!)

keep boppinエ

06/06/26(Mon)11:18:46 randy
No.108: question

anyone know when Bird worked in Philadelphia? thank you..Randy

06/06/26(Mon)11:18:24 randy
No.107: question

anyone know when Bird worked in Philadelphia? thank you..Randy

06/06/03(Sat)00:22:55 moss <>
No.106: famous 'hot house'

check it out, please, again.

receive Down Beat Reader's Poll awards

hot house

wow, very cool.
moss land

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