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05/04/14(Thr)00:09:40 Liz Elia
No.70: Teacher needs help!!

I am using the book. Charlie Parker Played Be bop. by Chris Raschka to teach third graders about jazz. poetry and biography. Can anyone tell me why the author refers to Charlie Parker's cat..."Never leave your cat alone." Or what the connection he has to "Chickadee" and "Overshoes?" I've tried to contact the publisher but with no response. Any info will help us. Thank you!

05/04/13(Wed)21:35:07 Yoichi <>
No.69: To Norman

Congratulations on your win at Guernsey's Auction !

05/04/13(Wed)05:53:45 Norman Saks
No.68: Charlie Parker trades wanted

Interested in trading my duplicate charlie parker ep's.45's. 78's. 12 and 10 inch lps for charlie parker records i need.I also have duplicate charlie parker memorabila for trade.In addition i have unissued charlie parker tapes for trade.

05/02/27(Sun)19:11:40 Yoichi <>
No.67: Osward's artwork

You can see a portrait of Bird painted by Osward in "BIRD'S NEST".
Thank you Osward !!

05/02/03(Thr)22:32:26 Yoichi <>
No.66: Re: auction of unissued bird

Thank you marcel.

These are amazing items!!
I hope the successful bidder will issue there recordings to CDs for many Bird fans.

05/02/03(Thr)07:15:23 marcel g舐tner <>
No.65: auction of unissued bird

hello bird lovers.
here is the link to the chan parker recordings of charlie parker.

some of them are unissued. for a quick overview i list them:

there are 38 recordings in 21 tapes: new are this:

24.02.52: hot house. "the" tv-video clip recorded at chan's and charlie's home directly from the tv.this is another source as the one we all know.
01.11.52: birdland with mjq. portions of opening and 52nd street theme
26.09.52: rockland. rocker III (with strings).noodling.
22.07.51: with woody herman: beginning of you go to my head
23.05.53: 3 new tracks
27.06.53: 5 new tracks
17.05.50: possibly unissued bird's voice and possibly unissued round midnight;
july 52': scrapple
08.08.51: warming up with tristano more complete
23.05.53: more from that birdland session
27.06.53: sonny stitt.hank mobley.max roach:
unknown: birth of the blues
26.07.53: open door: noodling
1951 Ca.June: Symphony Ballroom.Boston 20 New Tracks and Announcement (I Think that this Is Listed in Koster 51-0421 Christy's Restaurant.Framinham.Prob.21.04.51; in Schlouch 51-01 and 51-03 and Bregman.Bukowski and Sacks as Session 158)

anyone who wants to bid??

keep boppin'

05/01/29(Sat)09:14:26 Yoichi <>
No.64: RE: bird recordings on auction!

Hi marcel.

This auction is also talked about among Japanese jazz collectors.
I'm very interesting in what kind of recordings that is. and looking into detail.

05/01/21(Fri)07:07:18 marcel g舐tner
No.63: bird recordings on auction!

hello all.
maybe this is interesting for you: charlie parker concert recordings made by
his wife. chan.

Pieces of Jazz History Head to Auction Block

New York Times
Published: January 20. 2005

There is Charlie Parker's King alto saxophone. with mother-of-pearl keys.
his primary horn in the 1950's. There is Benny Goodman's clarinet. John
Coltrane's soprano and tenor saxophones. Gerry Mulligan's baritone.
Thelonious Monk's tailored jacket. A ribald 27-page letter from Louis
Armstrong to his manager. One of Ornette Coleman's notebooks from the late
1950's. with his practice exercises and. on one of the last pages. one of
his greatest compositions. "Focus on Sanity." written in pencil. Home movies
of Coltrane shoveling snow outside his house in Philadelphia in the late
1950's. Charlie Parker concert recordings made by his wife. Chan. and high
school book reports by Monk.

On Feb. 20 at the Allen Room in Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Hall.
Guernsey's Auction House will put all these items. and many others. on the
block at a special jazz auction. Previews will be held on Feb. 18 and 19.
but Guernsey's would not estimate how much the auction will make.

do you know more about that? what kind of recordings that are?

keep boppinエ

04/10/14(Thr)22:52:37 Yoichi <>
No.62: RE:birdエs grave


Thank you for the valuable information.
I am told the present bird's grave is at the outskirts. and it is hard to find it.
I wish many people can visit bird's grave.

04/10/14(Thr)21:21:41 marcel g舐tner <'Bird'+Parker&ShowCemPhotos=Y&>
No.61: birdエs grave

hello bird lovers.
from another list i have this information:

US: Museum mulls moving jazz musician Charlie Parker's remains US Parker

KANSAS CITY. Missouri. Oct 13 AP - The American Jazz Museum Board is considering moving jazz musician Charlie Parker's remains to a new grave.

The board voted Tuesday to explore the idea of moving Parker's remains to the 18th and Vine District in Kansas City. The vote was prompted by a recent trash dumping at Lincoln Cemetery. where Parker is buried.

The board favours moving Parker's remains to a mausoleum in a sculpture of Parker at Charlie Parker Memorial Plaza. near the jazz museum.

``It would be good to move it (the grave) from an area where no one can find it to down here where ... people can come and pay their respects.'' said board memberMike White.

Before any final decision is made. the board will research the legal requirements and costs of such a move.

Bird's present gravesite can be viewed here:'Bird'+Parker&ShowCemPhotos=Y&

keep boppinエ

04/10/09(Sat)16:05:35 JOE <>
No.60: ENZO NINI Italian Jazzman from Naples

the official web site of ENZO NINI the italian jazzman from Naples.
charlie parker is genius of jazz

04/10/03(Sun)07:27:12 Bob
No.59: An answer to Roderick

On the english message board. Roderick (#24) asked if there were any interviews with Bird available on the net.There is one interview that I know of that was recorded. I picked it up on a
"bootleg" label in New York City back in the late seventies.It contains a short interview in which Bird recounts his tale of slipping "bennies" into "Rubberlegs" Williams coffee. He should look for any reference to:

Number: 1776
Record Label: La Mere D'Oiseau Disques
Title: Rappin' With Bird

In addition to the interview. there are several air-checks.

Bird Lives!


04/09/05(Sun)12:31:25 Yoichi <>
No.58: RE: Biddy and Bird

James's writing about Bibby and Bird has been uploaded in 'BIRD'S NEST' of this site.
This is significant document!

Thank you James !

04/08/31(Tue)22:43:28 James Fleet
No.57: Biddy and Bird

I'm a jazz flautist living in New York City and I've been a fan of Charlie Parker's music all of my life! Here's why: Bird met my dad. guitarist William 'Biddy' Fleet in Harlem in 1939. The two of them became fast friends. Dad showed Bird different chord progressions on standard tunes of the day. most notably a song called Cherokee. Trust me. all that I say is true and a historcal fact. One December evening. Bird heard the changes in a different way and in his own words 'came alive'. Bebop was being made during these jam sessions. though unfortunately. it was never recorded. Keep in mind this was before Bird met Diz. I have several stories that my late father told me about the collaboration between him and Parker. If you're interested in knowing more contact me at

04/08/06(Fri)06:12:55 marcel g舐tner
No.56: birdエs eyes series by philology records

hi kam.
look on this site for message no. 50 and/or 51.

keep boppinエ

04/08/04(Wed)21:44:11 Kam
No.55: No-Title

I am located in Princeton. NJ. US and interested in purchasing some of the Bird's Eyes CD series. Do you have any suggestions?

(609) 497-2867

04/07/17(Sat)14:36:13 biabfsg
No.54: No-Title


Any one got a picture of Addie Parker's Tombstone at all? I can only find the tombstone for Parker. Please help! I am conducting a research

04/07/17(Sat)14:35:42 biabfsg
No.53: No-Title


Any one got a picture of Addie Parker's Tombstone at all? I can only find the tombstone for Parker. Please help! I am conducting a research

04/07/10(Sat)06:53:33 Marlon Gonzalez
No.52: films about BIRD

I'm researching Bird for a film about him as an artist. Are there any other films about Charlie Parker besides the clint eastwood film?

04/05/22(Sat)02:00:49 marcel g舐tner
No.51: birdエs eyes series by philology records

hi steve.
itエs so easy to order this wonderful. unique series: the link "philology" on this side goes directly to the homepage of philology records of mr. paolo piangiarelli. on the right side you find the button "order form & feedback". write him an e-mail ( and iエm sure he will answer your question quickly! till now there are 56 (!) volumes in the birdエs eyes series! good luck!!

keep boppinエ

04/05/22(Sat)01:59:59 marcel g舐tner
No.50: birdエs eyes series by philology records

hi steve.
itエs so easy to order this wonderful. unique series: the link "philology" on this side goes directly to the homepage of philology records of mr. paolo piangiarelli. on the right side you find the button "order form & feedback". write him an e-mail ( and iエm sure he will answer your question quickly! till now there are 56 (!) volumes in the birdエs eyes series! good luck!!

keep boppinエ

04/05/19(Wed)12:17:05 steve Eff
No.49: Looking for "Bird Eyes" Cd Series

The Charlie Parker CD series Bird eyes was available for a little while and then taken off the market. They are unissued records. One of the links on this page lists them. but I can't find out how to order.


04/04/21(Wed)14:39:49 marcel g舐tner
No.48: bird on film

hello bird lovers.
there are three films with charlie parker:

1. the famouse hot house with dizzy gillespie

2. the norman granz jazz at the philharmonic "trailer" improvisation
with coleman hawkins (ballad) and in trio (celebrity)

and most rare

3.some short silent bird sitting on a table writing autographs on
cards or pieces of paper. front. handling with his sax. from oblique
and from behind. only his hands. very short movie.
it is from november. 21. 1950 from the warm-up room in the concert
hall in
gothenburg. sweden. it was taken by bo tak. 16 at the time and later
photographer for sweden television. itエs a 16-mm silent film clip
about one
minute long showing parker both as he warms up and as he signs

does any of you bird afficionados knows more films with bird?

keep swinginエ

04/01/01(Thr)23:25:51 Yoichi <>
No.47: RE: Benedetti Recordings

Hi. Valerie.
You can purchase Benedetti Recordings in the site below (But only 7CDset version).

03/12/28(Sun)23:58:45 Valerie Stephens
No.46: Charlie Parker

Hi. I am married to a jazz nut. he is currently looking for a 10LP set. Mosaic Records. Benedetti Recordings. Charlie Parker. Would appreciate any leads out there in Birdland!

03/12/04(Thr)03:34:40 didier borowski
No.45: my collection

If you to trade I have a lot of Cds and bootleg of jazz. specially about bird (i.e all the bird's eyes collection : 56 cds). but also miles and trane.
please conatct me on my e mail and I will send you the list.
kind regards

03/10/15(Wed)00:12:59 Mat jaffr・/A>
No.44: No-Title

bird est source de vie! sa musique est profond駑ent universelle. elle nous fait aimer se qui nous entour. Merci chalie.

Yoichi <>
No.43: Hi. Piet

I love your book "Bird Lore".

03/09/05(Fri)22:19:57 Piet Koster <http://->
No.42: Bird Still |Lives

How about the CD/Uptown with Allen Eager and Charlie Parker.
I am also looking for the DVD of Norman Granz and Bird

03/07/09(Wed)00:00:16 Yoichi <>
No.41: Jessica's artwork

I inserted Jessica Volpe's painting tribute to Bird into "BIRD'S NEST".
Thank you Jessica !

03/04/07(Mon)00:41:19 Bob <>
No.40: Electronic Stuff

You look like you need more visitors! Hi from Australia!

03/04/06(Sun)18:24:41 Yoichi <>
No.39: Bill's new artwork

You can see new artwork from Bill Wikstrom in "BIRD'S NEST".
Thank you Bill !!

03/04/01(Tue)10:00:21 Chas Hutchinson
No.38: Soaring Forever

Bird will fly high for eternity.the greatest of them all.

03/03/16(Sun)23:30:21 doug
No.37: Bird Lives

Birds music has been an inspiration to me thru life.

03/03/06(Thr)22:45:24 Jean-Marie Cardinet
No.36: birdbox

Anybody willing to sell me a copy of the Birdbox CDs?

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