BIRD is special

BIRD is special for me. I think Charlie Parker's music is quite different from other Jazz music.

I think JAZZ is going through physical sensation, feeling bodily enjoyment. Parker's music is only music perfectly synchronized with my body.

Copyright (C) 1979 William P. Gottlieb
The rhythm, the melody and the tone of his music are just fit in my body. Affecting not the mind but the body. Because of affecting the body, his music arouse and invigorate me. And I won't grow tired his music. If his music was emotional music, surprisingly, I might have grown tired his music.

I feel there is little sentiment in his music.
It gives me an idea of interacting with his own body entirely. It seems as if his body is connected directly with his alto saxophone.

And, my body identify with his music.

Well then, what images I have in other jazz music.
I think other good jazz music also affect the body. But variation from Parker's music is that there is deviance from my body. Exquisite adjustment of deviance makes bodily enjoyment.
For example, Wayne Shorter plays saxophone with flowing and cool deviance.

There is a lot of styles for making deviance. But there is no more than only one style synchronizing my body.
So, I think BIRD is special.

Aug. 27, 1999 Yoichi

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